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In Every Aspect

by A Need For Reason

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Matthew Brown
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Matthew Brown Reminds me of home and the kind of music my friends made, has just a really cool sound. Favorite track: Let's Talk Humanity.
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released August 23, 2011



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A Need For Reason Sayreville, New Jersey

Six open-minded dudes from NJ.

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Track Name: If I Could Get Some Good Sleep
Here I lay in this bed of snakes
Their cold scales are the only thing I felt
When the news was broke
Through the new year
The venom spread so fast

I had no concept of time
Or how much longer
I'd be able to stay alive
We're all victims
Of emotion, loyalty, and trust
Compromised, for the sake of happiness

In the wake of it all,
You destroyed what took us
So long to build
The walls came down crumbling
And I was left to fend for myself

This is when I found
The only strength I have is within me
This is when I realize my life
Is a series of unfortunate events
And I'm standing in the silhouette

I will smash our memories into oblivion

All the trust and faith I had in you
Your disregard for me and everything
Set fire to this bridge
We move on

Through these rough seas, we will prevail
Through these lonely nights, we will tread on
Track Name: Let's Talk Humanity
I see the truth in all your lies
I'll expose you for what you really are
Each and every night I lay and behind these
eyes I see the nightmare of what I'm soon
to be, just another zombie like the rest of them

And they'll say so save me from being just
a number on someone's list.
Can't you see they've been lying to us all?
We're here to tell you that there's more

I refuse your box like society
I refuse your fucking tyranny
Here's an empire ready to collapse

We can argue freedom all day long
but if you let them win we're done
They lie to us all
We are nearing the point of no return,
What have we done? Nothing.
Track Name: Six Months & The Summer
You destroyed me and I had to pick up all the
pieces and become different In order to beat this
season of heart failure

This is my personal vendetta
This is for months of mental abuse
This is the hell you put me through
I told myself I'd never write this song for you

Two years later and I'm still around
going strong but still not proud of what I went
through with you
No one can hold a candle to you

Knowing that you lied,
you're always playing your games
it's time to make this right
so every time you think of me
I hope a piece of you dies
I hope you can't sleep at night
Track Name: The $ubtle Death of Kings
You are ruler to none
You seek to destroy everything we have become
And the walls we built seem to tear themselves apart
You seek all and any help
Your tyranny needs the spread
Like a virus needs a host

Seek no further, your end has come
In the form of pure justice
For your perverted reign, I will have your head

I am not alone, but they are silent killers
I am not alone and we roam...

This is our means to an end
and we will go down fighting
until there's none of us left

Now begins the $ubtle death of kings
You are ruler to none.
Track Name: South of Nowhere
I need to get away from this place
Escape the inevitable doom of the human race
I am not you
I won't be bound to this earth

I hate my existence
I hate what we've become, mutants on the run
We have no place to go,
we left our homes in search of hope

We live to die, and now we can't even
remember what it is that keeps us alive

We choose hate over love
We are such simple creatures
We have no place to go
We left our homes in search of hope

Where is the love we all love to taste?

Every end is a beginning
Every beginning, an end
Human civilization, time to progress
But I am still so proud to say I am not you,
I am nothing like you so step the fuck back